Join Bhrastachaar Mitao Satyagraha on 4th June at Sanatan Dharma Temple from 8AM to 6PM

If any country can be corruption free, then that is only Bharat, because we are corrupt not by nature but by force due to this corrupt system, where an honest person hardly survives. By nature, by blood we are descendant of great Rishis. So get back to your roots and join Bhrastachaar Mitao Satyagraha on 4th June at Sanatan Dharma Temple from 8AM to 6PM. Flyer for the event is attached.

Three demands for national cause

  • About 400 Lac Crore of Black money, which is national property. Country must get it back.
  • Legislation of strong Lokpal Bill to completely remove corruption
  • Removal of foreign governing system in independent Bharat so that everyone can get social and economical justice.


Assemble for solidarity/fasting on

June 4, 2011 at

Sanatan Dharma Temple,

15311Poineer Blvd., Norwalk, CA, 90701

From 8AM to 6PM

Events : Yoga, Corruption documentary, Presentations, Swami Ji Yatra Videos

Please watch this video

Please read, Agnipatra, Corruption - Sources & Solutions

Please register for the event here

Contacts :
Surendra Mehta (909) 437-4240 | Kanti Bhai Patel (562) 402-0112 | Gurbax Marwah (310) 344-3061
Ravi Marwaha (323) 252-1663 | Keshavlal Patel (714) 816-9102 | Vishakha Purandare (949) 689-9738
Natubhai Patel
(310) 779-0096 | Maganbhai N. Patel (949) 719-9801 | Varma Dataluri (714) 380-0677
Anil Parikh (562) 335-2349 | B.U. Patel (714) 925-1773 | Shirishbhai Patel (714) 832-7250 |
Dayabhai Patel (714) 544-2230 | Bharat Bhai (949) 394-8153


· Corruption is a TERMITE of economic tree

· If not taken care of right now it will  destroy development of INDIA

· Support Swami Ramdev Ji’s movement and save BHARAT

· Let's unite together and work up to SUCCESS


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