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This is the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. It is a sad and heart throbbing incident happened in Murray, KY on Nov 12, 2010. Twin sisters Archana and Arpana Gambiraopet doing their MS in Chemistry at Murray University, KY have met with an accident involving a truck. Friday late night Arpana succumbed at the hospital. Archana is in a critical condition at Vanderbilt Medical Centre Trauma unit. She had a surgery done on Saturday morning, but due to the major injury to the spinal cord she has been paralyzed below her shoulders.

We are very thankful to Telugu Association of North America (TANA) for helping us in getting Arpana's body to their parents in Hyderabad.

We know that there is nothing anyone can do to lighten their parents heart, but we can help them to meet their medical expenses. As they were to graduate this December, they did not renew their health insurance.

We humbly request you to generously donate for this noble cause. We greatly appreciate every contribution you make.

You can make your donations to the PayPal Account below. Click on the link below to go to PayPal donation page.
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We learned that some people had concerns sending money to the family friend Murali Kondur. So, we have set up a new account in the name of twins’ dad, Ravinder Gambiraopet.

If the link above doesn’t work, click http://www.paypal.com/sendmoney, this will redirect to money transfer page. In "To address" enter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and choose Personal tab, click on appropriate option and proceed further.

You can also deposit/transfer your donations to the Murray State University Indian Students Association

Alternatively, you can mail checks to the address below.
Reference: for Archana & Arpana
Address: Indian Students Association
C/o Dr. Solomon Antony
College of Business, 652 D
Murray State University
Murray, KY 42071

This devastating news has been widely reported by several electronic & print media.

Chdirina Ka(va)lalu

Hyderabad girl killed in US accident, twin critical

Twin sister injured in US accident paralysed

Please pass on this mail to your friends and relatives.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Family members
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We are very grateful to all the donors. We are truly touched by your love and support for the family. We can not thank you enough!!

Archana is currently at Vanderbilt Univ Hospital Trauma Unit. On Saturday (Nov 13) a 4 hour surgery was performed on her neck/head to realign the fractured bones and to decompress the stressed/crushed spinal cord. After the surgery she was on ventilator for 2 days. Doctors attempted to take her off the ventilator on Monday Nov 15, however, she is not ready yet. Doctors performed Tracheostomy procedure to support her breathing until she could do on her own. She is not able to speak but is trying to communicate through her eyes and lips.

Her current condition is not life threatening but, she has been diagnosed with a major C5 spinal cord injury, which means she is not able to move her any part of the body below her shoulders. She has been recuperating but progressing at a minimal pace.

Per hospital, she will be in intensive care for two more weeks. She requires a lot of rehabilitation and intense physical therapy. She may regain some of her body movements. Doctors' recommendation is to move her to Shepherd rehab center in Atlanta, GA which specializes in spinal cord injury. However, Shepherd has limited availability of beds and also requesting for any financial assistance. After the intense inpatient rehabilitation she requires outpatient rehabilitation for 6 months followed by at home physical therapy. We understand that she is not eligible for medicare benefit.

Arpana's body has been released from the Medical Examiner's office and is in possession of the funeral home and efforts are in place to move her body to Hyderabad by this Saturday.

The only way to lessen the grief of the parents' after the demise of Arpana is to help Archana regain some of her abilities and to make her as much independent as possible.

Once again we greatly appreciate your generous support to the family. We'll keep you updated with the progress regularly.

Best Regards

Family Members

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