Valley Cricket Club celebrated its 6th Annual Celebrations in a grand style

at Malibu Hindu Temple, Calabasas, California over the weekend. Sai Haritha, Priyanka, & Akhila started the event by inviting Chief Guest of the evening Smt & Sri Nagraj Chetty garu for lighting the lights (Deepa Aradhana). The amazing performances by the participants captivated the 75 plus audiences for over two hours. There were solo and groups dances, short stories of Sri Tenali Ramalingadu & a fashion show of cute little kids. Toddler kids as young as 2 years old sang slokas and surprised the guests with their performance. Trophies were awarded to all the participants.

Special thanks to Fun and Energetic individuals, Srinivasa Kilada & Srinivasa Vavilala (Vasu) who entertained the audiences with their hosting. Mr. Shashi Ambati shared his memories of VCC from its inception and how it grew to such a big group today.  Smt. Pavani garu's and SriRam Akunuru’s excellent dance performances were the high lights of the evening, and many thanks to all participants who gave their valuable time for this event. All kudos goes to Kids, who performed exceptionally well even with a short notice of just 4 days.

Special thanks to Smt. & Sri Nagraj Chetty garu for their time and effort for this event, and VCC appreciates the couple for their generous sponsorship of Kids Trophies.

VCC congrats kids who gave a excellent performances Shriya, Sahiti, Sanjana, Akshya, Saketh, Sahit, Shashank, Tanvi, Mayuka, and many more.

VCC appreciate and thank ladies who helped the kids and Valley Cricket Club Shanti, Praveena, Theresa, & Neeraja. VCC have positive hopes to see more and more ladies coming forward in near future.

Special thanks to Kumar Talanki, & Madhu Bodapati, who worked tireless entire season.

VCC members and families expressed their immense pleasure on organizing such an extraordinary event which is not only limited to CRICKET but also providing opportunities for the younger generation to demonstrate their talent in sports and cultural activities. Members of VCC, thanked all the participants, guests and everyone how helped directly and indirectly for making this event a huge success. VCC is promising that it will organize more and more events like this for all its members in the future.

This year VCC Summer Cup 2009 champions goes to TIGERS lead by MR. Madhu Bodapati.




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