Experience the fun, Feel our great culture, ignite your senses - NATS 2015 Sambaralu

Imagine 3 days in your life! A full 3 days of amazing fun, learning, celebration and a sense of unity coupled with nonstop entertainment especially by the youth.  Bringing all our rich culture and spirits together in our beautiful city of Los Angeles.  It is all about making your time well spent. Interests could be many or any - Business, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Political, Spiritual, Youth and Cultural! 

NATS 2015 Sambaralu betweenJuly 02 and July 04 2015 is about packaging all of interests into one piece and offering to our beloved Telugu community. But in order to make this happen, community as a whole need to get together, participate and enjoy. 

Each one of you is a network of its kind. You have amazing inner strengths and you are in touch with talent pools. Come forward and offer help or get us in touch with your friends in your network who can volunteer. Pick up a category of interest where you can contribute and make a difference too. Register or even call to talk to us and we can provide some insights on how you can help.

Looking forward to listening from you! End of the day, let’s experience a sense of accomplishment! In essence, great fun and learning reloaded.  Please sign up before 11/21/2014.

Here is the link to sign up for volunteering for this great event:


Come, participate, enjoy!

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