Smt Upanishat Siddhanta Acharya Peetham
                                           Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh (India)

                                               Cordially Invites Everyone for a
                                                      Spiritual Discourse

                                    His Holiness Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji


                                                      Sunday, June 21, 2009
                                                               From 2:30 PM

Anaheim Downtown Community Center
250 E. Center St., Anaheim, CA, 92805
(714) 765-4500

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His Holiness Sri Tridandi Sriranga Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamyji, popularly known as Kakinada Jeeyar Swamyji is a practical philosopher of the present day society. Sri Swamyji’s Tapas and deeksha (penances) are unique, recalling the sages’ (Rishis’) austerities of ancient times. Sri Swamyji’s hermitage (Ashramam) near Kakinada city of Andhra Pradesh is very well known for its serenity and tranquility. Sri Swamyji has also established Sri Ramanuja Peetham at Visakhapatnam, the port city of Andhra Pradesh, to promote the true philosophy of Sri Ramanujacharya, encouraging the youth in learning ancient Vedic knowledge.

The saint and philosopher, Sri Swamyji is fully engaged in spreading the message of Lord and the real practical philosophy as revealed in Vedas and scriptures, through a series of very popular multi-media presentations.  Sri Swamyji is also extending a helping hand to all walks of life and all ages of humanity, by organizing several programs so that an average person can overcome difficulties and lead a peaceful life.

Welcome to all for an enlightening evening!!!


  • Vedaparayanam by Vedic Students
  • Spiritual Discourse by Sri Swamiji
  • Meeting Sri Swamiji  
  • Prasadam for all  

Contact: Suresh  (856) 630 6703
              Vidya & Ram (602) 432 3453      

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